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Alessandra Trovato is an Australian Accredited Nutritionist (AN) and the director of Alessandra Nutrition. With a Bachelor of Nutrition Science from the Queensland University of Technology, Alessandra is highly qualified within her field and an active member of Nutrition Australia. Please contact Alessandra to book a consultation or for further information on available services.

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Our nutritional education seminars can be provided to workplaces, education facilities, sporting clubs or individual clients. A range of topics can be addressed, including nutritional basics for good health, infant/ childhood nutrition, sports nutrition, food myths (for example, the impacts of Gluten-free foods), nutrition for the flu season, healthy eating in a working week, and nutritious eating on a budget. Seminar topics can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Each Seminar includes:

  • A professionally designed lesson plan including activities and resources

  • Evidence-based knowledge from current scientific research

  • Handouts with key advice and solutions

  • Optional individual consultations specific to each person’s unique nutritional requirements

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Each meal plan is customised to achieve the goals and nutritional needs of individual clients. Meal plans are
a simple way to meet weight loss goals, track sporting performance or manage food allergies or intolerances. Whatever your goal, they are often fundamental in making long-term dietary changes.  

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Workplace Health Programs

Understanding what food to buy and how to prepare it is fundamental in achieving optimal health. The key to nutritional success is planning and preparation, making sure you always have healthy meals ready to be created is one of the best ways to stay on track with your health journey. Our workplace health programs include: interactive and informative programs covering many topics such as how to eat healthy during the work day. Included in this package is individual staff nutrition consults and individual goal setting.


corporate nutrition consultations

Alessandra coaches her corporate clients on how to decipher relevant nutritional information, such as kilojoules, calories, protein, fat, vitamins, and mineral quantities. Arming clients with this knowledge gives them the tools to manage a healthy diet. These 15 minute consultations aim to revamp your current diet and set you on track to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle that helps to support you both in and out of the office.

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If you’re looking to refine your diet and re-discover good food for an upcoming event or as part of a lifestyle overall, a challenge meal plan is the perfect solution. With options available for 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks. A challenge meal plan is personalised to your individual needs to ensure that your goals are reached.

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Create & run client seminars on behalf of your brand

If you are wanting nutrition information specific to your businesses clientele, Alessandra Nutrition offers a comprehensive seminar package including evidence based research and information to target the needs of your client audience as well as a detailed handout with key points and links to further information made available.

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These workshops help clients navigate supermarkets and to practically apply nutritional information. Learning how to interpret nutrition labels, and busting common myths about supposedly healthy foods, will help you avoid bad habits. 

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Corporate Kilojoule
& Allergen Analysis

Whether you’re a small or large café or restaurant, having full and comprehensive knowledge of your menus nutrition information is essential. Corporate menu analysis includes a full breakdown of kilojoules, macro and micronutrients as well as identification of which food items suit special dietary requirements.

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Digital Content Creation:

As a professional in the allied health industry, we take great pride in promoting and creating content for like-minded brands. Content creation packages can be created to include the following: Instagram posts, blog posts, YouTube videos and Facebook posts. These will be displayed on the Alessandra Nutrition social media as well as being available to you for your own use.