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Alessandra Trovato

Alessandra Trovato is an Australian Accredited Nutritionist (AN) and the director of Alessandra Nutrition. With a Bachelor of Nutrition Science from the Queensland University of Technology, Alessandra is highly qualified within her field and an active member of Nutrition Australia. Please contact Alessandra to book a consultation or for further information on available services.

Through knowledge, support and professional advice Alessandra Nutrition is dedicated to helping people reach their nutrition goals for a healthier life. Founder Alessandra Trovato, delivers personalised and evidence-based dietary programs to her clients. Practical advice and easy nutritional solutions allow her clients to maintain good nutrition within their busy lifestyles.

Alessandra’s success is driven by her passion for nutritional education, and the knowledge that a healthy diet can still be delicious. She believes that with the right tools and knowledge anyone can make  long-term changes for a healthy life.